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“Budućnost” SMR

“Buducnost” SMR, was established in 1992 with the headquarters in Sopot and the production plant in Nova Pazova. The initial activity of this company was production of installation equipment with particular emphasis on production of monophase switches and plugs. In time, the “Buducnost” Company expanded its area or interest, thanks to its development team, which committed its full attention to finding new technologies in production and utilisation methods. The development strategy was from the very beginning the development of products which will be distinctive on the market because of their recognisable and high quality and extremely competitive prices.

In line with that strategy, “Buducnost” started its new production programme in 2000, which is production and sale of parts for plumbing installations. Because of diligent and strenuous works of its team members, the company manages to master and perfect the entire production of flexible elastic siphons (EFS) and in particular, flexible elastic pipes with diameters from Ø 16 to Ø 100. For this own, innovative and unique method of production, “Buducnost” obtained patent licence no. 714 MP in 2005, issued by the Institute for Intellectual Property in Belgrade.


Through its continuous efforts and desire to move forward and improve itself, the company manages to raise the entire production process to the highest level, investing into human resources, high quality professional team of engineers as well as into the best state-of-art materials. Every year it produces over 300 000 complete siphons and thousands of meters of pipes of diferent dimensions, as well as large quantities of products, which are exported abroad each month, especially into the countries in the region. During its long career and development, the company became one of the leaders in this field, expanding itscapacities through the advanced production plant as well as the development of its tool room, taking care about the standard, customers’ needs as well as safe, easy and simple use of its products of recognizable quality.